Educational Technology Services

Remote Teaching Resources

To assist in transitioning courses from face-to-face to the online teaching environment, we would like to provide some strategies and resources. The eLearning Team is here to support you in any way we can to help ensure your success. If you need to contact eLearning staff, please email

Preparing to Teach Remotely

  • 1) Get training
  • 2) Set up your technology
  • 3) Access your eLearning course
  • 4) Communicate with your students
  • 5) Post an updated syllabus
  • 6) Deliver course materials
  • 7) Conduct class activities and assessments online

Best Practices and Resources

  • Online Teaching Handbook
  • Online Course Development Documents
  • Tips For Engaging Students Online
  • Best Practices For Setting Up Online Exams
  • Web Conference Security
  • Keeping Your Collaborate Session Secure
  • Keeping Your Microsoft Teams Sessions Secure
  • Additional Resources

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