Educational Technology Services

eLearning Course Development

The ETS-eLearning Team offers online and blended course development services. The team works with faculty on developing fully asynchronous online courses or blended/hybrid courses. The team also provides instructional design consultation and support services.

Course Development Options:

  • Course development by the eLearning Team

    The eLearning Team has the capacity to start the development for 20 courses (for new or major redevelopment courses) each semester. The number of courses for each school will be allocated proportionally based upon the size of each school. Should a school have no course development needs, the slot/s can be re-allocated to another school. Each school should send a request to the eLearning Team before the start of each new semester. An Instructional Designer will be assigned to the course and will work with the instructor throughout the development process.

    The timeline for the development spans over the two semesters prior to the initial offering. For the 1st semester, instructor will develop the instructional strategies, course materials, activities, and record lecture videos. Instructor may record lectures at the eLearning studio, or at their own place which the eLearning Team can assist with the initial setup and testing for the recording. For the 2nd semester, the eLearning student worker team will edit, produce, and review all lecture recordings, and instructional designer will hands-on build the entire course. Upon completion, the course will go through a review process.

  • Course development by instructor with consultation from the eLearning Team

    Instructor will develop the course on their own. Instructor will record and edit their lecture videos and hands-on build their courses. An Instructional Designer will provide consultation and support during the course development process.  Instructor will also be able to access training, support, and other resources from the eLearning Team. There is no limit on the number of courses supported in the consultative model. The course will go through the similar course development and review process before offering with timeline controlled by instructor.

  • Course updates/maintenance for re-offering

    Instructor will update their course for each new semester offering on their own, whether those are developed through the eLearning Team or by themselves. The eLearning team will provide training, consultation, and support on course updates.

Course Development Resources:

For more information and resources, visit: eLearning for Instructors.

For instructional design consultation, submit: this form.

For questions and inquires, email: