Educational Technology Services

Force Completion - NOT RECOMMENDED

The Educational Technology Services (ETS) Team strongly discourages the use of the Force Completion option in the Test settings. With Force Completion, any sort of interruptions (i.e. computer freezing, the internet connection disconnects, etc.) that occurs while the student is taking an exam will cause the system to automatically close the student's connection to the assessment, and the student is not able to re-enter and complete the test.

Instead of using Force Completion, we recommend the "Set Timer" and "Auto-Submit" options. With these two test settings, the student can resume the exam even if an interruption occurs. When the student gets back into the exam, it will resume where the student left off as long as they do this before the time runs out; however, any time the student took even while exited from the assessment will count against the timer. For example, a student begins a one-hour exam. Ten minutes into the exam, the the student's computer freezes. He then takes five minutes restarting his computer and logging back into eLearning to get back to the exam. Once he gets back into the exam, he now has 45 minutes remaining. (That five minutes spent restarting the computer counted against the test timer.)

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