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Testing Center TSIA2 Assessment

Due to COVID-19, the TSIA2 Assessment is only being administered virtually at this time. Please see below for details on testing procedures. For complete TSIA2 Assessment information, read the Student Informational Brochure (pdf).

TSI Registration Process

You must complete all steps to confirm your TSIA2 Assessment Registration:

  1. Verify your TSI status and which sections you will need to take with the TSI Coordinator. Email:
  2. You must Complete the REQUIRED online Pre-Assessment Activity prior to taking the Assessment. (You will not be permitted to test without the completion of this informational activity. It explains important information about the TSIA2 Assessment and offers practice links to familiarize yourself with the test content.
    Note: You do not need to resubmit another Pre-Assessment Activity form if you are taking or re-taking additional assessments.
  3. Go to MARKETPLACE to pay for the TSIA2 Assessment.
  4. Once you have completed your payment, you have the option to take the assessment virtually with Examity or in-person at the UT Dallas Testing Center.

    Option 1: Taking the assessment virtually with Examity:
    • Step 1: Complete Payment at Marketplace
    • Step 2: A voucher will be generated for you by UT Dallas Testing Center within 24-48 business hours.
    • Step 3: You will receive an email from ACCUPLACER that contains the voucher code. This voucher code allows you to schedule an appointment and take your exam virtually with EXAMITY.
    • Step 4: Follow the instructions here on how to register for an appointment with Examity.

    Option 2: Taking the assessment in-person at the UT Dallas Testing Center:


$12 per subject

College Readiness Cut Scores

  • English Language Arts Reading – 945 and Essay of 5 or more
    Less than 945 and a Diagnostic Level of 5 or more, and an Essay of 5 or more
  • Math - 950
    Less than 950 and Diagnostics Level of 6

Understanding how to interpret your TSIA2 scores