Educational Technology Services

ALEKS MATH Assessment

UT Dallas uses the ALEKS Assessment to optimize the placement of all students in their first math course. The UT Dallas Testing Center provides in person proctoring of the ALEKS assessment to UT Dallas students. You must complete all steps to confirm your ALEKS Assessment Registration prior to taking the assessment at the UT Dallas Testing Center.

Prior to Testing

Step 1: Students MUST initial and pay UT Dallas directly for access to the ALEKS Assessment. Click here for more information.

Step 2: Once the above action has been completed, students can take the acceptable proctored ALEKS at the UT Dallas Testing Center.

Step 3: Go to MARKETPLACE to pay the proctoring fee.

Step 4: The last step is to reserve a seat with the UT Dallas Testing Center. You must RESERVE your seat at least 72 hours in advance via this link

Step 5: Arrive at the Testing Center on your scheduled date and time. The Testing Center is located at 3020 Waterview Pkwy, SP2 Suite 11.175, for your scheduled ALEKS Assessment.

On Testing Day

ID Requirement

You must bring a photo ID. Without proper ID you will be denied to take your exam.

  • For UT Dallas students enrolled in classes: you must bring your Comet ID card to be admitted into the Testing Center.
  • For UT Dallas students not enrolled in classes: one of the following are ACCEPTABLE forms of ID to be admitted into the Testing Center:
    • State ID
    • State Driver’s License or Learner’s permit
    • Other Govt. issued ID (Military ID, Passport, CHL, etc.)
    • School ID

Items Not Allowed

Digital lockers are available free of charge to secure your personal items before check-in. Items that are not allowed inside the Testing Room include, but are not limited to:

  • No handheld calculators. ALEKS provides an online calculator for your use.
  • No scratch paper or pencils. The Testing Center provides small erase boards and markers.
  • No backpacks, bags, wallets, purses, all watches (including digital, analog, smart watches and Fitbits), bracelets, wrist-bands, keys, calculator covers
  • No candy, chewing gum, tobacco products, E-cigarette, food or beverages of any kind
  • No outer coats, jackets, sweaters, gloves, sunglasses, hats, beanies, wave caps, head scarves (except for cultural or religious purposes)
  • No electronic devices: any phones, pagers, iPads, laptops, cameras, recording/listening/scanning or photographic devices etc.)