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Application Deadlines and Testing Options

Application Deadline

At the beginning of the semester, during the first 2 weeks, students will need to check and verify with their professor they have permission to test at an off-campus testing center. After receiving permission students then need to locate an approved Testing Center. ALL proctored exam applications must be submitted and received by the UT Dallas Testing Center at least 15 BUSINESS DAYS prior to the exam date. The UT Dallas Testing Center will adhere to the 15 business day deadline submission, no exceptions. If you fail to submit your application by the 15 business day deadline, you will need to consult with your professor directly to discuss other exam options.

Testing Options

All UT Dallas students that require to take a proctored exam, either at an off-campus testing center for a UT Dallas online course(s) OR by correspondence at the UT Dallas Testing Center for another institution, must submit an application using one of the following testing options:

1. Proctored Exam for UT Dallas Online Courses Taken at an Off-Campus Testing Center

Students who are geographically unable to test at the UT Dallas Testing Center may use an approved off-campus testing center at a convenient location. All off-campus proctored exams must be completed within the professor's approved exam window. It is the responsibility of the student to submit an application(s) and to make and confirm arrangements for the administration of the exam(s) directly with the off-campus testing center.

Click below to view the Proctor Exam Application Checklist to ensure there are no questions or issues during your application process.


AFTER viewing the Checklist click below to complete the Proctor Exam Application Form.


Locating an Off-Campus Testing Center

If you need assistance locating a testing center near you, select either the U.S. locations or the International locations to view a list of all testing center sites. Students are responsible for any fees related to proctored exams at the approved off-campus testing site.

PLEASE NOTE: If you missed the 15 business day application deadline, you may have the option to take your exam through EXAMITY. EXAMITY is a 24/7 live proctoring service that allows students to test from a remote location anywhere in the world. You MUST contact your professor to check and verify if this option is available for you. This is a professor initiated platform, the UT Dallas Testing Center cannot initiate an EXAMITY exam.

2. Proctored Correspondence Exam Taken at The UT Dallas Testing Center for Another Institution's Course

Currently enrolled UT Dallas students may take another institution’s course exam(s) at the UT Dallas Testing Center, free of charge. All correspondence proctored exams must be completed within the professor's approved exam window. It is the responsibility of the student to submit an exam application(s) in accordance with the UT Dallas Testing Center’s minimum 15-business day application deadline. After receiving confirmation from the UT Dallas Testing Center you MUST Reserve Your Seat at least 72 hours prior to the exam date on the UTD Testing Center website. All students are required to present a UT Dallas Comet ID Card to test.

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