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Updated 5-29-2019

Priority Application Registration (Summer 2019)

All Proctor Exam Applications must be completed and received to the Testing Center by Friday, June 14, 2019 will be given PRIORITY PROCESSING.

Students are encouraged to identify an approved Testing Center to take exams for the entire semester.

Click below to complete the Proctor Exam Application:

Proctor Exam Application

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete Proctor Exam Applications submitted will NOT be processed.

15 Business Day Application Registration

If you use a proctor outside of the UT Dallas Testing Center, you must complete and submit the Proctor Exam Application within 15 business days of your proposed scheduled exam date.

PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete Proctor Exam Application will NOT be processed. The UT Dallas Testing center will adhere to the 15 business day deadline submission for processing. You will have to reschedule your exam date if it does not fall within the 15 business day deadline submission date. This may result in you getting approval from your professor if it the dates are outside of the approved exam window.

On-Demand Application Registration (EXAMITY)

PLEASE NOTE: Before considering this option, students must ask their professor if the exam is set up to be administered through EXAMITY (EXAMITY is a professor initiated platform).

If you missed the 15 business day application registration, you have the option to take your exam through EXAMITY. The professor must approve the student take the exam through EXAMITY. If this option is available a link will be provided within blackboard for the student to click and set up a profile.

Locating a Proctor

Professors of online and hybrid courses at UT Dallas often require their students to take proctored examinations. A proctor is an individual who agrees to monitor an exam for a student who is unable to travel to the UT Dallas campus. Proctors promote academic fairness and ensure the credibility of online programs. Students are responsible for any fees related to proctored exams.

Testing Outside of the UT Dallas Area?

If you need assistance locating a local testing center, click the button below to locate a center. These locations are approved testing sites. If you have already found suitable proctoring, you must complete and submit the Proctor Exam Application. The proposed testing site must be approved by the UT Dallas Testing Center.

Locating a Testing Center

Pre-Approved Testing Sites

  • UT Dallas Testing Center
  • Official testing center at a university, community college or other academic institution.
  • Learning and testing centers such as Sylvan Learning.
  • The education office of a military installation.

Libraries are not approved testing facilities. Exam proctors may not have any family or personal relationship with the student.

Once the Testing Center site has been approved and you have received an email confirmation from the UT Dallas Testing Center, please confirm your appointment with your approved testing site. It is always a good idea to contact your chosen testing site and verify that the exam was received and confirm your appointment.

We strongly recommend you start this process early, most Testing Center sites require documents be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the exam date. Many Testing Center sites will not allow students to make reservations without receiving exam materials and application.

Correspondence Exam Application

This is for currently enrolled University of Texas at Dallas students wanting to take an exam at UT Dallas Testing Center from another institution.

UT Dallas Students living in the UT Dallas area can schedule an appointment to take exams at the UT Dallas Testing Center. The Testing Center administers exams for online and hybrid courses. This service is free of charge to currently enrolled UT Dallas students.

Complete the Correspondence Exam Application (pdf) within 15 business days of your exam date, wait for confirmation email, then schedule your appointments online at our website. Appointments must be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to the exam date.

PLEASE NOTE: All Applications must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the proposed exam date. If you your application is not received prior to the deadline, you will need to reschedule your propose date within the designated exam window or contact your instructor for alternative testing options.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware of the Testing Center’s operating hours and student guidelines/policies before scheduling your exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

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