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Getting Started with eLearning

Working in your course

Each course is designed differently. So you may or may not see all of these tools in your course. Your instructor decides which tools are needed in the course. The syllabus will tell you which tools will be used in the course.

Microsoft Teams and Stream

Blackboard Collaborate

Online Tests

LockDown Browser Tests


Check out some FAQs on eLearning assignments here:


Grades & Rubrics


This tool is meant to help you easily locate your instructor’s and classmates’ emails in order to contact them. It is a send- only tool which means the emails you send will be viewed in your recipients’ Outlook inbox. And you will see their replies in Outlook as well.


Blogs and Journals

Discussion Boards


Self and Peer Assessment

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You can also find tutorials at Blackboard’s Student Help Page.

You can also learn how to prepare to take fully online class with the Comet Path for Online Learning module.