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Clickers are the common term for Student Response System (SRS), a technology used to promote active learning in classrooms. The technology allows a presenter to collect responses from a group of people on a question/ survey or topic. Responses are collected in real time, instantly tabulated and the presenter can display the summary back to the audience.

Clickers are used in the television industry, in game shows, and in corporations as conference/meeting utility. In recent years, this technology has gained increasing popularity in classrooms, because research found it had a measurable impact on students in several areas, such as attendance, enthusiasm, attentiveness, and confidence in participating in classroom activities. It was found to promote active learning, and stimulated discussion and collaboration among students.

UTD's Official Choice

At UT Dallas, the recommended clicker solution is “TurningPoint Desktop”. This software is provided by Turning Technologies, an Ohio based company. TurningPoint Desktop was pilot tested for classroom use by UT Dallas faculty and students.

The company and software have been vetted by UT Dallas Info Sec and found to be compatible with FERPA and UTD’s data security standards. The software can be used with or without mobile devices. Polling results can be integrated with the Grade Center in eLearning.

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The use of clickers and the choice of software is entirely the faculty's decision.

There are many clicker solutions available in the market. When it comes to functionality, they are almost at par with each other. Not so for cost. Some software are low to zero cost. However it's important to remember that data security is rarely free. A low-cost or free software used for academic purposes may present a risk of data security from FERPA point of view.

Faculty who choose TurningPoint Desktop must note that this software involves an additional cost to the student outside of the course tuition. For TurningPoint Desktop, students would need to purchase a Turning License (and an RFLCD clicker, if applicable). The cost of these items is not included in the tuition. Please consider before opting for the software.