Educational Technology Services


Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention system which is used by hundreds of institutions worldwide, and the list of schools using is growing every day. It is the world's most widely recognized and trusted resource for helping prevent Internet plagiarism.

Using Turnitin with eLearning

Turnitin can be used inside eLearning without creating a Turnitin account. (Instructions)

Using Turnitin without eLearning

If you choose to use Turnitin outside of eLearning, please follow the instructions below to request your account and login.

  1. The first time you log in at:
  2. Select: user login
  3. Select: new user
  4. Enter your UT Dallas email address
  5. Enter a password of your choosing (it must have at least one alpha and one numeric character)
  6. Enter information in the personal data sheet, use your UT Dallas email and your personal password.
  7. When asked to join an account, the UT Dallas account number is 14728
  8. Account password: Email Judicial Affairs for password -
  9. You will be assigned a digital ID. Login Information

  • From there follow the prompt screens to establish a class site and submit papers.
  • Reports are generated in 24 hours.
  • You must log on to check the report.
  • There is an on line help site and email for questions.
  • Detailed instructions for faculty and students are available to download.

To request for training workshop on Turnitin, please email