Educational Technology Services

Section Merge/Combine Requests

Instructors have the ability to merge/combine two or more sections together in eLearning. Instances in which sections can be merged include (but are not limited to):

  • Cross-listed classes
    Example: CS/CE 1301.001 -- Students who are CS majors get credit for CS 1301; students who are CE majors get credit for CE 1301.
  • Teaching several sections of one class
    Example: BIOL 1101.001/002/003/501 -- Instructor teaches four sections of the same class; however, she does not want to create content four times, so she merges her sections into one in eLearning.

PLEASE READ: Merged courses have changed. Once your course merge request has been completed, you will then see a new course listed in eLearning that begins with the word ‘MERGED’. This is the ‘parent’ course – where you will go to add any content and manage your course. You will always go into this ‘parent’ course for all course tasks. Notice that you will also see the original courses, also known as the ‘child’ courses. You will never need to go into the child courses for any reason.

When your students log in, they will see the name of the appropriate course they are each enrolled in. However, when they click on the course link, they will then be redirected into the ‘MERGED’ parent course, where you’ve uploaded content, posted announcements, or released grades.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.